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Thank you for working your magic on me! You do such beautiful work. You truly are an ARTIST. You helped me feel beautiful and fully present.

Being around you gave me joy, strength and inspiration. When I was feeling chaos, disorganization, miscommunication, belittled, disrespected, frustrated, exhausted... your energy healed my spirit, calmed my nerves and reminded me that we thrive on insanity. Nothing can keep us down. Bigger adventures are awaiting all of us on the horizon.

Very grateful and honored to meet you Anthony 💕



I Love Anthony!! He Is The Best Makeup Artist Ever, No One Touches This Face But Him!!!

Faye Abbey


My Muffin. The only person I allow to do my makeup... I love you and congratulations!

Nikki Diamond Simone Balenciaga


Bae, I’ve  always enjoyed when you style me and it’s a dream come true to have my OWN personal stylist. Keep doing what you do so very Well! Love you

Shabazz Malcom I.

Testimonials: Testimonials
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