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Fun Facts

I was born in Atlanta, Ga and grew up during my adolescent years in Birmingham, Alabama. I'm a graduate of A.H. Parker High School where I was a singer, dancer, trumpet player, and drum major. During my Early Childhood Education studies at Wiley College in Marshall, Tx I bagged my first makeup job at MAC Cosmetics in Longview, Texas and my makeup career soared from there. I've traveled all over the United States as a makeup artist and have worked with some of the greatest clients imaginable. Being in the makeup industry now for 10 years I pride myself on being an authentic person and sharing positive energy with all I encounter. I'm very passionate about my work and I'm so grateful to God for how far my talents have blossomed... Thank you for being here, I hope to be fortunate enough to work with you soon

Anthony Armondis

Who Is Anthony Armondis: About Me
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